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Qui (Gon) Saber with CSv2.5--Listed 9-1-15- SOLD 9-9-15

This is a POC Saber from a limited run produced through our partnership with Parks Sabers. 

 The saber shown here is the Proof of concept saber, but is representative of what the rest of the Qui's from the run look like looks like.  Others are available for commission under the product sabers for sale tab, but this one is ready to go.


***Make sure that you read my warranty, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to it.***

 Updated 9-1-15



Qui Limited Run Full Saber:


This is a Q2-B Level Saber with Single color Crystal Pommel and Full RGB Color-Change blade option.

It includes the Light-Side Compendium (6 Sound Fonts: Ep.I, Ep.II, Ep.III, Ep.IV, Ep.V and Ep.VI).

Offered at: $799 

Although this is not a "discounted" price, it is offered for sale at the exact price it could be commissioned for.  The cool thing about this saber; She is READY to go and can ship within a week!

Note: 9-1-15, This saber was on sale for 10% off (That price is listed)

through 9-15-15. 


***NOTE 1 - Blades ($35 for Ultra-Gelu and $42 for Nylon) and chargers ($18) are not included, but are always available.

***NOTE 2 - Shipping and 4% Paypal fee will be added to all sabers.

***NOTE 3 - You choose: Recharge port remains hidden (unscrew pommel to access) or installed in the Pommel at no extra charge.

***NOTE 4 - I will confirm the price with you (with all selected extras) via email before you pay.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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