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My mission is to create the best Custom Lightsabers that I can.  Every project I undertake has a common theme; The saber has to be one that I want to keep.  Unless I have a hard time packing it up, then it is not good enough to sell.  Indeed, many of the sabers that I do end up selling come from my personal collection.  I do saber conversions as well as from scratch custom sabers and everything in between.

Dark Jedi V2 - Oxidium Weathered:







Ferroutous V2 "Aether" and Jedi Hunter Ryu are just finished




K3GR1- Oxidium with Crystal Core


Dual Crystal Chamber MKVI



 Here are a couple of personal projects that I have been working on during my vacation; the 51TH Commando V2 and the Bronzius.  (see the "custom machined sabers" gallery for more pictures of these two!)



A brand new product is here!  The MKVI "Hero"!




 I Just finished the Obi Project 2011.  Six total thin necked replicas.  Each one with "premium to Ultra Premium" sound.  Here is a group pix.


Here are a few more of my recently completed saber commissions:

Jacen Solo Padawan Saber:










LDM-machined Custom A'Sharad Hett "Genesis" Saber:




A'Sharad Hett Saber:


 Graflex w/Crystal Core Saber Chassis by YODA:


Talitha for Jasten Skywalker:


Sith Stalker (Jedi) Saber #2:


Krig's Graflex-based Anakin



 Mustafar V4-O with CF 4.31



MPP Vader ANH:



Canon Bane:


Caine's Obi "AFBB"



Custom Machined TOR "Clan" Saber with Petit Crouton v1.2:



Mustafar V3-O:



Custom Machined "Tactical/Off-hand Saber:



A'Sharad Hett "Forhunert" saber:


The Greyside Initiate with hidden Recharge port:



 BK4 for Albalabs:




Larbel-O Non-EL ready Luxeon Conversion:


Luke ROTJ V2 (MHS clean version):


The krig Project:










SF "Dark" Leia:




 Korbanth Jade:



Parks "Phase" Qui-Gon Ultrasound 2.5 Conversion:



Caine Drathul Project:







 The Gladius V2:


 K3GR1 Aqua:


The Yun Saber run:





Korbanth DV6:


Korbanth OWK1:



MHS-based Cf 4.31 ROTJ V2 with Clash Flash:







Thin Necked Luke ROTJ V2:



Mustafar V2-O Saberkit:


The Adjudicator:



 The displayable crystal pommel (pommel removed)





Double Vader/Anakin AOTC:


Obi Wan CF 4.1




Saberkit Obi-wan ANH:



Sith Marauder:






MR "Grevious" Conversion:


"Mustafar" V2 stunt:



Sithplanet Mace Windu Rebel Conversion:

Do-Clo QV "Relic No More"

 Miri's Defiance & Miri's Stunt

 Luke ROTJ V2's



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