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Update 1-10-17:  This saber is slated to return in 2017.  Details will be posted as I have 


Limited Opportunity Sabers for Sale (these are only available in very limited numbers and when they are gone, they are gone).  Currently SOLD OUT



*make sure that you read my warranty, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to it. 

 The Saber of Jacen Solo:

I have Jacen Solo Sabers Available.  I will get some pictures of the actual sabers uploaded, but this is what they look like (Pictures of a completed saber can be seen below):


These are of the one I did for Sekrogue1985 (This is what the actual saber looks like ;))


Pricing is as follows:

Level 3: Petit Crouton w/3.7V Li-ion Full saber: $615+Paypal 4-4.5%+shipping

Level 2: Crystal Shard w/3.7V Li-ion Full saber: $515+Paypal 4-4.5%+shipping

Level 1: Light-up Stunt saber (no sound): No Longer Available

-Flash on Clash adds $70 and is the only electronics option (only on level 2 & 3).

-Blades and chargers not included (although we will have them available as needed).

Pricing process:  Select the level you want (1, 2 or 3).  If you selected level 2 or 3, decide if you want Flash on Clash.  If so, add $70.   Finally, if you want a blade (see services tab for blade prices) or charger ($18).

Example:  I want a Petit Crouton Jacen with FoC, standard Ultra-Gelu blade and charger.  My price is: ($615 + $70+ $27 + $18 + shipping) * 4.5%



Note:  Level 2 now featuring the Crystal Shard v3.x and Level 3 now featuring the Petit Crouton v4.x


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