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LDMCustomsabers Policies

Revised 7-22-13


You may Contact me via webform from my "contact" tab or via e-mail at: [email protected] 

Working framework for future build log (starting Feb. 15, 2012):

Project Selection Process:  

Firstly, I would like to thank each and every one of my many clients over the last 6 years.  Without you, my artistic pursuits would not be realized and for that, I am eternally thankful.  Please understand that the following "rules" are now in effect to make your experience with me better.  I strive for EXCELLENT client care and quality of work and feel as though the following changes will help me to deliver that more effectively than I already do without stressing me out so bad that I feel like i need to puke every day.

The manner in which I will accept new commissions must be changed.  Philosophically, I am not comfortable sitting on people's money for extended periods of time, nor am I comfortable making people wait for long periods of time.  Finally, I really hate finally getting to a project only to find that the client has disappeared into the great beyond internetz after I have all their parts on hand.  So, to rectify this I have created my new build log.  As you can see by looking below, there are limited spots for various types of projects.  If the type of project you want is full, then I will not take it until a spot opens up.  Period.  Right now, I have 25+ people waiting for me to accept commissions again...look at my log...does it look like I will be getting to anything new any time soon?  The projects there already are 3 months + of work and other than the repairs, it is all from my previous build log!

What will happen is that I will diligently update my build log (both here and on my site...see my blog above for announcements) as spots become available.  When I clear 2-3 projects, I will open up the spots.  The first folks to contact me will get those slots if we can  agree on the details.  So, which place do I update quicker?  My site.  Usually update it 1-24 hours sooner than here.

How do I pick the projects that I will accept?  Well, I have to feel them.  I am done taking projects that I can't put my heart into.  If I decline your project, it doesn't mean that it sucks, it just means that it doesn't move ME.  Art is like that.  My long time clients already know this about me and now is the time that the rest of you do as well.  You know before you come to me if you like my style and if you do, then don't be surprised if I ma opinionated about your project.  I have done this nearing 400 times now.  I know what I am doing and I will not steer you wrong.  If I say it will look bad...it will.  If I say it won't work...it won't.  Finally, I reserve the right to "jump around" my build log as I see fit.  I don't do it often, but sometimes I get "blocked" and need to clear my head by working on something else.  If you commission me, do not complain about this.

If you commission me, you are gonna have to trust me or we cannot work together.  I will not steal your money, nor will I simply disappear (barring an accident or something).  If it turns out that  I cannot finish our business together (my fault) then I will refund your deposit money in it's entirety.  If you spaz out, I will not refund you unless you find someone to buy you out (and it will be minus the paypal fees).

So, in summation...you want me to do a project for you, you #1 check this very build log and see if I have a spot open BEFORE you PM or email me.  Then, #2 you read my Services post (above or on my site) so that you understand my guidelines/policies.  Finally, #3 you PM or email me and we discuss your project.  If you miss any of the above 3 steps, I will tell you to read my services thread/tab and possibly send the ARC Troopers to your domicile for a little "awareness training".  Wink

As always, you are free to PM or email me questions, but make sure you have actually looked for the answer here first Wink

Pricing DOES NOT include return (to you) shipping fees which will be added to ALL orders.

A 25% Deposit is required prior to the start of ALL projects.

Payment policy:

Money orders and paypal are preferred methods of payment.

Money orders: must clear the banking system and authenticity checks before your item is shipped
1.  You must be "verified" and your shipping address MUST appear on your paypal account so I can print shipping.
2.  Purchase payment type ONLY.   You will have buyer protection, but a 3.5% internet convenience fee will be added to your total.  I can (and prefer to) invoice you.


Your items will be shipped by USPS
Delivery Confirmation or a tracking number will be sent automatically from the USPS
***If you want insurance on any order you must request it.

Express mail service (EMS) or Priority Mail Service via USPS.
***Don't ask me to lie on customs forms***.
I will declare it as a gift or product sample. For all I know, it is a gift for a relative.
I will not declare it lower than it's value.  
***If you want insurance on any order you must request it.

 Shipping a saber to me (for any reason):

***Do NOT send it "signature required"  If you do so, your package will most likely NOT be picked up.


Payment plans (for completed builds only).

25% initial deposit.

1 month max time. (+/- 1 to 2 days is okay) Effective day of deposit received.

On day 35 a 25.00 fee will be added.

Payments will be considered non refundable deposits, unless YOU find another buyer that will pay in full.

Paypal payments + 4% only. No Exceptions.

Saber will not ship until full payment is made.

*Accidents happen during removal and installation. This is a risk that you, the client take when you contract me.
***I am not responsible for Soundboard failures, blown speakers, or over driven LEDS.***
Build Changes: 

Additional Charges:
Some Sabersmiths apply these charges as they go, or they just let it slide. I, like Jango have tried the latter and the former. Neither result was satisfactory. 
NOW I (also) am telling you upfront this is how it is.

Late Change Fee Structure:
If a deposit has been paid and the parts are ordered, and changes by the client after that will involve a fee, which is: Parts cost/parts return cost + $20.00-$25.00

Rush Order Fee:
Rush Order 10.00 base+ 10.00 for each saber ahead of yours
For example: Your saber has 7 other builds ahead of it. You need it NOW!  An $80.00 fee will be imposed.
No one likes a line jumper.

Nuisance Fee Structure:
Once your build is started I will answer status requests once a week. Three (3) status requests or more in any 2 week period will have a $20.00 fee added, per request. If you want it rushed see above.

If any of these fees is applied/billed to you, they must be paid before your saber is shipped.




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