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The Duke, A Curved & Clawed Lighted Saber 

Units Available for Commission as of 7-23-16: 0  May Return some time in 2018 as Duke 2.0

Duke Sabers:



Level D1: Stunt Saber (no sound) with 3W Red LED: $520  Not Currently Available

Level D2: Crystal Shard (with rechargeable battery pack and CSv2.5): $999  Not Currently Available

Level D3: Crystal Shard (Same as D2 but hilt is CHROMED and no blade retention screw): $1399   


To Order:

1.  Fill out a contact form at the bottom of this page to start the process, or...

2. Email me at [email protected]

***NOTE 1 - Flash on Clash (FoC) is the only option other than blade color and adds $70 to Levels D2 & D3 ONLY.  FoC is NOT available on level D1.  If you do not specify blade color, you will get RED.

***NOTE 2 - The Duke is a Cast Stainless Steel Saber and is quite heavy.  It is not a perfectly chromed replica and will have minor imperfections in its topography that are a normal byproduct of the casting process.  It is, however a gorgeous homage to that very famous Duke's unique curved and clawed saber that you will not find anywhere!  It is a very small hilt with the outer diameter measuring only ~1.25"!  These are a must have working prop for any serious collector and when this 15 are gone, they are gone.  As of 3-15, all Duke hilts have been polished and have a very nice finish.

***NOTE 3 -  Make sure that you read my warranty and Policies, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to them.

***NOTE 4 -  Shipping will be added to all sales.  A 4% online convenience fee will be added to all paypal transactions.

Final Notes:  As with most of my sabers, a charger and blade are not included with any trim level of MKIII.  They are, however available.  The 3.7V Charger is $18 and blade prices vary depending on preference.  If you just say, "I want a blade with it". I will add a $35 Standard 32" Ultra-Gelu style clear 7/8" blade to your order.  If you want something else, see my COMMON PRODUCTS PRICE LIST.

                                            The "Classic" Duke Lighted Saber:

Dukes for 3 happy Folks!

The Dark Duke (see it HERE)

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