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Clan Skywalker Custom Saber for Sale.  Listed 3-15-15

This is a project is a Clan saber based on Luke's ROTJ hilt, but not meant to be a copy.  It is more my interpretation of what Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo or Ben Skywalker's sabers could have looked like.  Padawans model their sabers after their masters after all (well, I know Jaina's master was Mara Jade, lol) so this one makes sense.  It is a color changer starting at a great Aqua and transitioning through Yellow with a red FoC to TruPurple to represent the journey from light to dark and back again.  It is lightly weathered and has a nice bright purple AV switch and real copper Rebellion pommel insert.


***Make sure that you read my warranty, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to it.***

 Updated 3-15-15

The Particulars:

Custom Hybrid MR/MHS Custom machined hilt
LDM Powder coating and triple-baked weathering
Petit Crouton v3.0
LDM 9W RGB LED (Blade and FoC colors: See below
Purple ring black AV switch
Custom Activation box
Machined resonance
3.7V 18650 Battery pack

The BMT:


The Glams and blade colors:

Aqua with Viridian FoC

Amber with Red FoC:

TruPurple with SkyBlu FoC:

   **This saber does not come with a charger or blade, but both are available ($28 or less each) if needed.

The price is: $675 + 4% Paypal + Shipping

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