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Ready to Ship-51TH Commando 2.0 5C2-2 for Sale.  

Sold 2-16-17

Check back periodically for more cool sabers!  I am listing more and more here as when I do so I can save eBay's exorbitant fees and I do indeed pass that on to the consumer.  In other words, I typically list sabers at about $50 less on my own site that I do on eBay.

***CAN SHIP IN A Week or less***


***Make sure that you read my warranty, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to it.***

 Updated 1-11-17


This is a ready to ship 51TH Commando 2.0 with custom Oxidized weathering(TM) and blue weathered accents.  It is the Pico Crumble (lightside) v1.0 (5C2-2) version with Flash on Clash enabled.  The details are listed below.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  It also has a nice weathered blue textured leather wrap grip. This one will be sold in "as-is" state and is BRAND NEW.  This is not marked up, it is the same price as if you ordered it this way,, but you avoid the 16 week wait!

Buyer chooses the blade color: Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Cyan (but I recommend Blue or Cyan on this baby!)


LDM 51TH Commando 2.0 ( Oxidized Weathered(TM)) hilt

Pico Crumble v1.0 (Lightside)

LDM 12W LED (buyer chooses color of Blade)

3.7V (18650) 2400 mAh Li-ion battery (removable)

LDM 27mm HO speaker 

Sold at: $525 + PayPal + Shipping.  Can ship to arrive prior to Christmas via EMS.  Does not include a blade ($27) or charger ($12), but I have them as needed.
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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