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Cane Sabers are here!

Due to overwhelming demand, I have designed a line of Cane Sabers (LS1 and DS1 shown to the left).  These are far more durably engineered than any of my past "one off" Cane Sabers.  I simply could not keep up with all of the requests for these so I needed to streamline the process in an effort to make them more widely available.  These are still a great deal of work to build, but less so than my previous individually designed Canes. 

I would like to give a special thanks to Ian and Luke for commissioning the first two of these sight unseen.  You guys allowed me to design a product that, from all indications, is going to make a great many people very happy. 

Look for the Cane Saber tab under my "Product Sabers for Sale" tab.

Thanks again to all who have worked with em to make these happen.


Welcome to

LDM Custom Sabers



 **Updated 7-26-15**


***Make sure to check out my ready-to-build products available under the "For Sale" tabs.  The Malakyte, 51TH Commando PV, Duke, MKIII-re, Jacen Solo, KotOR "In-Game" and KotOR Revan Sabers are readily available and built to order.  I ship most of those within 3-4 weeks and am willing to customize.  Check them out!


***I usually have a GREAT Custom saber or two for sale urbanHERE

Any listed there will be ready to ship.


The project/commission guidelines are

posted on the build log, services page and

 in the Blog.  Please read them BEFORE you

contact me or I will not discuss your

project with you.  

                               Thank you.


 Thank you to everyone who has contracted me in 2014.  The 1st Q 2014 log will be skipped (to allow me to catch up) and the 4th Q log will open in early October (most likely).  Follow the blog for announcements on openings and sabers for sale.

Prospective clients may still contact me via this site or e-mail, but must follow the new guidelines which I have posted literally everywhere on this site.


**** I will update my site, blog and Fx section when I have empty spots, so watch for that.


Thank you to everyone for your continued support of my artistic endeavors. 


I go by Lord Dottore Matto, GENERAL GRIEVOUS or LDM on various Lightsaber and replica prop forums.  I am a Hobbyist.  Some call me a Sabersmith or Sabertech.  I make and customize Luxeon-style LED Lightsabers.  I never really planned on going into the saber production business, but due to overwhelming demand, here I am!  Look through the Gallery and Videos to get an idea of what I actually do.  If I can't make it, I know a Sabersmith who can, so do not be afraid to ask!     

LDMCustomsabers would like to welcome our new Saber Technician, HarkMammil.  HarkMammil will now be assisting LDM in making blades, saber preparation, preliminary builds and conversions.


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